infrared group

delivering innovations. Since 2003.

infrared group  delivering innovations. Since 2003.

infrared group has been on the market since 2003. We started with delivering know-how and technical support for organizing interactive voting sessions during conferences, trainings, seminars.

In 2005 we became a representative of AlphaPicture in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Great Britain. Alphapicture is a technology providing high quality mass personalization for marketing and 1-to-1 communication. We were first company that conducted magazine mass personalisation in Poland. Our aim is encouraging communication, building and sustaining valuable relationships with customers and partners.

infrared group team consists of people with backgrounds in marketing, management, medicine, psychology, mathematics and computer science, educated at renowned universities in Poland (Warsaw University, Medical University of Warsaw) and abroad (Stanford University, Oxford Brookes University).


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